Wednesday, October 28, 2020

XCVIII: Rebecca, Remakes, Worst Roger Ebert Takes

 Recorded - 10/25/20

On this episode of the Almost Sideways Movie Podcast, our three fearless hosts (Terry Plucknett, Todd Plucknett, Zach Saltz) review a Netflix remake of a Hitchcock classic before building a Mt. Rushmore of the greatest remakes of all time.  Then, we honor the patron saint of movie critics, Roger Ebert, by counting down the times he was the most wrong about a movie.  We wrap up the episode with some trivia about Netflix and remakes.  Here are the highlights:

  • What We've Been Watching
    • Zach: Diary of Anne Frank & Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (4:45)
    • Terry: Waste Land & ranking Best Documentary nominees of 2010 (9:45)
    • Todd: Outcast (14:15)
  • Featured Review: Rebecca (18:10)
  • Mt. Rushmore: Remakes (40:25)
  • Power Rankings: Worst Ebert Takes (48:30)
    • Guessing Adam's List (1:27:25)
  • Trivia
    • Trivia Review: U-571 (1:32:15)
    • Trivia Review: 1917 (1:35:30)
    • Trivia: Remakes & Netflix (1:41:45)
  • Quote of the Day (1:50:50)

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